How to apply eyeliner tattoo

Since the dawn of civilisation, the eyes have been considered the soul's mirror. They are our most direct source of contact with the world around us and the focal point for other daily encounters. Eyes have a memorable and expressive language unique to each person and essentially define a person's individuality.

Eyeliner Permanent

Why do you need permanent eye makeup?

  • Difficulty using eyeliner due to poor eyesight
  • Allergies to cosmetic products
  • Thin or sparse eyelashes
  • Scarring due to surgery or an accident

    It is essential to consider

    Pigmentation colour and eye shape are the two main things to consider when having a permanent eye makeup procedure. The colour is primarily chosen with the client's preference and is independent of skin tone and hair colour. The eye shape is essential in permanent makeup procedures in the eye area. Specialist knowledge and experience will be applied in consultation with the client to ensure that the client gets the result of their dreams. You've always wanted beautiful eyes and more free time every day! What to do? Permanent eye makeup!

Types of eye tattooing

The area of application and method classifies eyelid tattooing or permanent eye makeup. The pigment can be injected into the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, or both simultaneously to create a dramatic look.

Interlash line drawing

The line is drawn clearly along the growth of the lashes and depends on the shape of the eye. It is often popular with girls with an almond-shaped cut who wish to make the look more languid and bright. The technique is efficient; you can apply shadow and colour with eyeliner over the pigment. If necessary, even with a cosmetic tattooing procedure, you will get great nude makeup, which can not be said about other technologies;

Arrow tattooing

It is a classic version of cosmetic procedures for eye makeup. Depending on certain shortcomings, the permanent makeup artist chooses the line's desired shape and direction. The advantage is that this technique suits both Asian and round or convex features. Of the disadvantages, it should be highlighted that this beautiful and stylish contour sometimes interferes with applying makeup. On average, tattooing lasts about six months, and not all girls will like to walk every day with arrows;

Winged eyeliner

The most modern option is the mid-eye tattooing, which creates the effect of smoky eyes. It is a versatile option, almost like arrows. It will reduce large eyes, and oriental (with a unique technique of execution) will make it brighter and rounded. With it, you can easily make the effect of smokey-eyes, but in everyday life, such makeup can cause some inconvenience (depending on its brightness);

Coloured eyeliner

This style of eyeliner is similar to the cosmetic effect of a coloured arrow. The space near the eyelashes and slightly above their growth line is painted with a thin white, blue or other colour needle. The result looks spectacular, but, again, everyday life can bring some inconvenience.

Any such procedure for cosmetic eyeliner tattoo has both pros and cons. On the one hand, you can easily highlight the shape or give the desired expressiveness; on the other hand - it is quite an unpleasant procedure. Many reviews on the question "Does it hurt to do tattooing?" answer - unpleasantly because the eye area is full of nerve endings. A separate disadvantage is a complex healing process and constant exposure to external aggressive factors (wind, dust, makeup, tears).

How arrow tattooing is done

There are at least two dozen types of arrows, which are selected depending on the shape of the eye. For example, for large eyes, both the upper and lower eyelids are emphasised; for Asian eyes, only the upper lash line is highlighted. If necessary, you can even ask the master to make glamorous rock arrows.

How to do arrow tattooing to enlarge the eyes:

  • To begin with, the master artist consults with the client, the desired shape and colour of ink colour is selected, and possible reactions of the body are discussed. To be fully confident in a positive outcome, choosing a good specialist and consulting with a dermatologist and allergist is essential. In some cases, an ophthalmologist's opinion is also necessary;
  • Makeup is removed from the eyes; the treated surface is degreased and anaesthetised. The work performed by a professional dermato-venereologist is practically jewellery.
  • If the pencil has a relatively thick tip, the pigment during permanent makeup is beaten in with the thinnest needle (thinner than if you perform eyebrow tattooing). Therefore, it is essential to immobilise the surface of the treated area completely. For this purpose, anaesthesia is used.
  • All that anaesthetises the eyes during tattooing has in its basis lidocaine. Due to the high sensitivity of the eyelids, its effect takes no more than 15 minutes, so the session rarely lasts more than half an hour. Most often, the doctor applies a thin layer of anaesthetic cream on the eyes, for example, "Emla" (anaesthesia is used in depilation) or "Xylocain" (it is used if you perform lip tattooing, etc.);
  • To begin with, the master consults with the client selects the right shape and colour of paint and discusses the possible reactions of the body. To be fully confident in a positive outcome, it is important not to crowd the body.
  • With light strokes, the master begins to draw the contour. First, the intercostal space is filled. Given that correcting anything after the session will be impossible, the most important thing is to draw the first line. After the contour of hairs is removed, you need to work along the entire length of the arrow;
    From the eye's inner corner to the eye's outer corner, the arrow can increase and remain the same width. The tail of the hand is brought up or even concerns the growth line of the upper eyelid lashes;
  • After the doctor removes the remains of paint and cream, wipes the eyes with an antiseptic solution and applies a protective cream.

Sometimes, a permanent eyeliner tattoo may need correction after complete healing. For example, the lines or arrows of different lengths are not very even. It can be carried out only with the doctor's permission because it is essential that all the crusts come off and the eyes heal.

How long the tattoo on the eyes lasts depends only on the quality of the pigment that was beaten in. There are cheap paints that begin to become grey or green after a month and expensive ones that, even after six months, look the same as on the introduction day.

Consequences and contraindications

Like any other cosmetic tattoo, eyeliner tattoo procedure has some negative consequences.

In particular, these are:

  • Eye swelling. Almost all videos show that already at the end of the session, a threatening swollen lump of skin hangs over the eyes. This is the body's reaction to the intervention. If the eyes are swollen (and they will swell in any case), it is necessary to apply soothing compositions that have a cooling effect;
  • Intense itching and redness. Even if you smear eyelids with "Bepanten" or "Panthenol", regularly wash the permanent with "Chlorhexidine" on the second day after the eyeliner begins to itch. This indicates the ordinary course of regeneration processes. In time, the tattooed area heals from 7 to 14 days, so a slight itching is normal;
  • Bruising. This happens if the master accidentally hits a capillary. It should be noted that this indicates that the tattooing was unsuccessful. It would be best to lubricate the haematoma with special creams to remove the blueing.

Permanent Eyeliner

In addition, various complications with the mucous membrane are possible. In particular, such procedures and eyelash extensions are dangerous to do with dry conjunctiva syndrome.

Contraindications of eye tattooing

  • Pregnancy and lactation. This is a substantial stress for the body; in addition, healing processes may be delayed;
  • Tendency to allergic reactions. Allergies can cause both the pigment used and the anaesthetic;
  • Colds, flu, etc.;
  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct a session with viral diseases (conjunctivitis and others);
  • Eyeliner tattooing can harm poor eyesight; therefore, you must consult your ophthalmologist before the session.


After permanent eyeliner treatment, your skin will be temporarily hypersensitive, and you should adhere to the following instructions for the next ten days. This will help avoid infection and allow time for your skin to heal. If you apply makeup within the next five days after the procedure, you do so entirely at your own risk.

The healing process can take up to 10 days, and it is perfectly normal for small scabs to appear on the treated area. They will fall off naturally within a few days.
After treatment, it is also customary for the colour to fade during the first two weeks as the skin is still healing, and the pigment will return to the surface after 2/3 weeks.

Please avoid the following :

  • Wetting the treatment site.
  • Touching the treated area.
  • Applying soaps, creams, and detergents to the treated area.
  • Wiping with a rough towel or any abrasive materials.
  • Taking hot baths, saunas and other heat treatments.
  • Using any form of bleach or depilatories.
  • Sunbathing using sunbeds or swimming.
  • If trim crusts appear on the surface, do not touch them! They will fall off on their own within a few days.