Lip tattoo

Lip tattoos offer a bold way to make a statement, whether you choose a subtle design or a vibrant colour. Their less visible nature allows for unique self-expression without being too overwhelming.

Lip Tattoo Melbourne

Discover a completely new semi-permanent lip tattoo Melbourne treatment that highlights the natural shape, symmetry and refreshing colour with shading, delicate contouring and a unique pixel technique.

Why is lip blush so popular?


  • The results are natural and typically last between 1 to 3 years.
  • defines the shape
  • smudge-proof colour


The latest trend is enhancing lip colour with a natural-looking, long-lasting pigment called lip blushing. This method corrects and refreshes lip colour without harsh lines, giving a subtle blush of colour. Lip blushing offers different styles and purposes, from a delicate natural colour to a lipstick effect. If you're tired of lining and colouring your lips daily with mediocre results, try lip blush for a confident, long-lasting solution.

This product offers a versatile solution for achieving a range of lip colour effects, from a subtle tint to a complete lipstick look.


  • Smudging: Smudge-proof effect
  • Uneven lips can define the shape and cupid's bow.
  • Drawing provides a vibrant lip colour.
  • This product helps to even out spots on the lips.
  • Discoloured lips can be corrected to restore colour to pale or aging lips.
  • Lip asymmetry can create the appearance of fullness and improve symmetry.


What is lip blush?

Lip blushing is a specialized technique that involves shading and pixelating. The shade is customized to match your lip colour for a subtle and natural result. With lip blush, you can still wear lipsticks and other lip colours. It provides a natural lip colour without the permanent commitment of a traditional tattoo.

What are ombre lips?

The Ombre lip tattoo Melbourne technique creates a gradual colour transition from light to dark on the lips, giving the illusion of fuller lips. This type of permanent makeup is more effective than cosmetic fillers or Botox for achieving fuller-looking lips and has longer-lasting results.

What is dark lips correction?

Melanin correction involves a process that begins with the first session focused on neutralizing cool tones and lightening the darkness of the lips using warm-based pigment, followed by red-based colours. This procedure may not be suitable for every client, but for many, it can significantly change their appearance.

Lip blush colors

Pigments come in various shades that can be customized to match your natural lip colour. Artists can mix different shades to create the perfect blend based on your preferences. Some clients prefer a more natural look, while others prefer lighter or darker pigments. The objective is to enhance lips with a natural boost of colour without looking too dramatic. It is crucial to choose a suitable pigment, considering any undertones like blue, purple, or brown, which should be balanced with orange modifying pigments. The natural skin and lip tone should always be considered, and multiple sessions may be needed to achieve desired results, especially for darker and cooler lips.

What is the duration of a lip tattoo?

Lip Blush can last up to two years, with darker colours lasting longer. If needed, the shade can be adjusted after the healing process (4-8 weeks). It is suggested that the colour be refreshed annually. The longevity of lip blushing can vary based on your metabolism, lifestyle, habits, and sun exposure. Using exfoliating products can accelerate the fading process.

How painful are lip tattoos?

Before and during the procedure, a topical numbing cream is typically applied for comfort. You may feel a stippling or scratching when the pigment is used. It is essential to moisturize your lips before the treatment to help with faster application and better-healed results. Cracked, chapped, and dry lips do not take pigment well and will not heal nicely.

How long does the permanent lips treatment last?

Depending on your skin, reserve 2-3 hours for the permanent lip colour procedure. The method includes consultation, numbing, and pre-drawing to determine the perfect shape. The service time varies based on how quickly your skin absorbs the pigment and the desired look. Adding more pigment layers will extend the procedure time.

Can a permanent lip tattoo cause cold sores?

People prone to cold sores or herpes should consult a doctor before and after lip treatment. Taking preventive medication can reduce the risk of developing a cold sore. Any therapy that causes trauma to the lips may increase the risk of outbreaks. It is a temporary side effect that can be prevented with antiviral medication like Valtrex. However, there is no guarantee a touch-up may be needed if cold sores develop.

Melbourne Lip Tattoo

Can I wear different coloured lipstick?

This procedure adds a natural, blushy tint to your lips, perfect for everyday activities like work, the gym, or the pool. It offers long-lasting colour without smudging and can easily be layered for a darker look at special events.